Skipper’s Well Drilling & Pump Service, Inc. has been in the water well drilling business for 40+ years. We began drilling wells in the early 1970’s in Brunswick County and have grown to working throughout most of Eastern North Carolina and parts of South Carolina. We hold public utility contractor’s Licenses in the state of North Carolina and South Carolina. All of our drillers have a current Level A well drilling license in both states.

We have install wells and provided turn key well site jobs for many municipalities as well as private sector clients. The following is a partial list of those jobs:

  • Brunswick County Wells – 20 x 10 gravel pack wells
  • Dare County Wells – RO Plant Kitty Hawk and all of Cape Hatteras RO wellfield
  • Wayne County – 24 x 12″ gravel pack wells
  • Jones County – 20 x 10″ gravel pack wells
  • Duplin County – 24 x 12″ gravel pack wells
  • Greene County – 24 x 12″ gravel pack wells
  • Columbus County – 22 x 12″ gravel pack wells
  • New Hanover County – 22 x 12″ open end wells for the Nano Plant
  • Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2Go – RO wells for plant 22 x 12″ stainless steel wells
  • New Bern – Well Field on Hwy 70 South Wells
  • House of Raeford, Duplin County – 3 wells
  • South Carolina – Installed wells in various locations
  • Military bases – Fort Bragg, MCB Camp Lejeune, Seymour Johnson AFB, MCAS Cherry Point

We have completed a large number of wells from a depth of 1,000 feet and up. Most of our wells are gravel pack wells with an average of 24 x 12″ wells. We have installed many large commercial turbine and submersible pumps and well head piping. Skipper’s Well Drilling carries up to $10,000,000 insurance and are bonded up to $500,000,000.

Skipper’s Well Drilling, Inc. has extensive experience with the Dare County site, as we did all of the test program to start the well for the RO plant. We installed the first eight (8) wells for the water supply for the RO plant at Kitty Hawk and these wells are still in service. These wells were installed in the early 1980’s. Skipper’s Well Drilling also installed well 9 and well 10 for the Kitty Hawk RO plant.

In addition, Skipper’s has been performing most of the maintenance work on the wells at Kitty Hawk and Skyco, by changing pumps and motors when needed. We keep pumps and motors for the system in stock at all times. We also installed the wells at other Dare County sites, including Rodanthe, Buckson, and Hatteras, and maintain an inventory of pumps and motors for these sites as well. We have worked with Ken Flat and others that ran the utility and water plants throughout the years since the RO plant started. We have run the test program on this program and worked to get the best water for the RO plant. We are familiar with where the best water is located.

If you require additional information on the above referenced jobs, we will be happy to provide further details; however, we feel Skipper’s Well Drilling, Inc. qualifications stand on it’s own merit, by the years of keeping Dare County Water System running and water going to the customers through our emergency service and maintaining a stock of pumps and motors for the Dare County System.

We feel with our prior knowledge of location of water that can be used in the RO plant and our prior experience in working with this water system, we would be an asset to the team who is selected to work on this project and we would appreciate and opportunity to be a part of the team.

Charlie M. Skipper