We have a long history and relationship with many of our local industries, commercial sites, cities, towns and counties.  We are knowledgeable in all fields of the water industry.  We have a vast knowledge of all water bearing aquifers and the potential problems that may arise from low yield wells, etc.

We have the equipment necessary to correct any problems that may arise with the wells being used for industrial sites, commercial sites or for public water. 

We have employees on call and available 24 hours, seven days a week.

We also have in stock, large and small submersible turbine pumps and motors.  Therefore, we are able to get our customers back in service in a relatively short time.

Industrial / Commercial Services

•    We have the capability of completing jobs large and small
•    New Well Construction and Testing (Large Diameter)
•    Well Rehabilitation
•    Test Wells
•    Large Municipal Wells
•    Large HP Pumps and Motor Maintenance and Installation
•    Line Shaft Turbine Maintenance and Installation
•    Turbine Pumps Maintenance and Installation
•    Monitoring Well Installation
•    Well Maintenance Schedules and Pump Repair
•    Sampling and Testing of Wells
•    Water Systems – Installation
•    Water Systems – Maintenance on Existing
•    Chemical Analysis of Existing Wells
•    Flow Testing
•    Dewatering Wells
•    Taking Videos of Wells
•    Geo-physical Logging
•    Utilities
•    Pipeline Installations
•    Pump House Piping
•    Fire Hydrants